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NO $7 Co-Payment There appears to be some confusion relating to the Government’s propo..

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NO $7 Co-Payment There appears to be some confusion relating to the Government’s propo..

Skin Cancer Screenings Available now

Redbank Plaza Medical Centre has now started taking appointments for Skin cancer checks, using their..


 In my 53 years, especially the last thirty years, I have been to many Medical Practices. I find the Scarborough Street Medical Centre to be very professional, with excellent Doctors, Nurses and friendly, helpful Reception staff. I have recommended this Practice, and my family have been have been happy and feel comfortable with the Staff and Doctors. Thank you for being good at your job Monique (Practice Manager) and thanks to a very knowledgeable Dr Mitchell. You all do a great job. Keep smiling!

-- Sheren ~Parkwood

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  Scarborough Street Medical Centre is a very well managed with ideal practice environment what any general practitioner looks for. It is a well established practice not on for its very good location but also for the wonderful team work atmosphere practice and nursing staff are very amicable, provides excellent supportive care and adept in maintaining high standard practice care for the patients.  Allied hleath support is an additional quality care for the patients from this surgery which is also very beneficial from patient point of view. Overall, in my observation, excellent teamcare efforts towards patients are the instruments of the best quality care of Scarborough Street Medical Centre

-- Dr S .Khokan

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  The outstanding feature of working with Vantre Health is the ‘family atmosphere’. We work together, as a team, cooperatively, for the benefit of the patient. We help each other.

-- Dr T Taulke-Johnson

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  My experience with the Vantrehealth  group of practices has been marked by the outstanding dedication, commitment and professionalism of all the staff who work here, constantly striving to do their best. Working as a family with respect for all, constantly supporting each other , fully committed to the Mission Statement and treating all patients with empathy and understanding; exhibiting equality, equity and justice ; devoid of prejudice, and treating everyone irrespective of race, religion,gender or social class, as equals and humans in need of help.  

-- Dr I. S. Ludher

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  This Medical centre is very well organised, staff are very friendly and it is a pleasure working with them. It gives me great pleasure working with Tammy and receptionist’s and nurses.

-- Dr Jihan Biktor

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  The staff at the Redbank Plaza Medical Centre  are very dedicated and professional in the care they provide to all the patients. 

-- Dr. M. Khan

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  I have worked with Vantre health since they opened their Practice at Labrador Park in May 2005. At that time I had only intended to work two weeks as a locum, but I was so impressed by the attitudes of the owners and the excellent facilities that I decided to join the team.

I had previously been self-employed in my own practices and had also worked at corporate medical centres. Vantre’s medical philosophy is focused on patients and supporting Doctors and staff to provide the best environment to manage patient’s medical needs. This was refreshingly different from other practices I had worked at where profit seemed to be the driving force of the owners.

Vantre Health provides state-of-the-art facilities which are modern, clean and comfortable. As a Doctor, my specific requirements are always considered and I have always appreciated the flexibility I have been afforded with regard to customizing my work hours. Staff are professional and they have achieved excellent morale in the Practice. There is a real team feel to working at Vantre Health, right from the owners through to management, nursing and reception staff.

-- Dr. I Mitchell

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  I have been practicing at Labrador Park Medical Centre for a year. It was a wonderful experience to work in such a professional and friendly environment.   Well-organized management, Well-trained staff and immaculately- selected doctors are the main characteristics of this company as I have found. 

-- Dr. M Javadi

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  The Labrador Park Medical Centre is a great working environment for Doctors to practice medicine in. Having worked in centre for the last 5 years, I find the teamwork between doctors, nurses, management and reception staff is very cohesive and professional. The entire team ensures that all patients of all ages, are treated with respect and in a quality caring way.  

-- Dr. S Rupnarain

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  I am enjoying over three years of experience in Labrador Park Medical Centre which is a busy, well organised, multicultural and friendly clinic , serving a wide range of community members and striving to provide a happy environment for staff and quality care for clients.

-- Dr. S Taqvi

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